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May 7, 2024 by Irini Sala

The lights go back on at Emoov

London: Emoov, once the UK's second largest online estate agency, has been acquired by Mashroom and will re-launch under new management just one month after entering voluntary administration.

Emoov will go back online in late January 2019 under the ownership and guidance of the Mashroom team and its founder, proptech entrepreneur Stepan Dobrovolskiy.

Mashroom acquired the branding and platform, in what is a show of confidence for the online property industry in a tough UK property market which has taken a hit across all sectors over the last couple of years.

Stepan believes the Emoov name still carries plenty of weight. He said: "The team and I are very excited to be able to put Emoov back online. Emoov has an impressive eight-year history and is one of the first and largest hybrid estate agencies in the UK."

"This is the start of a new chapter for the company and the industry. I believe an unencumbered, wiser and innovative Emoov is in the perfect position to develop a sustainable business model for the industry. The future of the property market is digital, and it is in the hands of empowered customers connected by community and data."

Emoov's quick sale and reopening should boost confidence in the online estate agency world.

Mashroom's COO Naveen Jaspal will extend her role to COO of Emoov.

According to Naveen, "Hybrid estate agents are rapidly gaining trust and market share. Proptech companies are exceeding expectations in terms of customer growth as the consumer shifts their mindset to a faster, digital solution that offers them transparency and control."

Naveen said, "Our priority is to get the Emoov business back up and running to provide a transparent and flexible service which is deeply customer-focused, champions community and enables customers to sell their properties more efficiently. We look forward to working with previous Emoov customers to get their property re-listed."

Emoov will continue as a hybrid agency based on a branch-free, fixed fee model with self-employed agents and will seek to regain the digital platforms' former position as the UK's best online estate agent.


Customers who signed up to Emoov or Tepilo and prepaid a listing fee to the previous management (before December 2018) can email [email protected] and the team will work with you to get your property quickly re-listed and sold.

About Emoov and Mashroom and Tepilo

Emoov is a fixed-fee hybrid estate agent that helps people sell their home with total transparency.

Emoov merged with Tepilo on May 30th 2018. Tepilo will keep its own name and operate as a hybrid estate agent under Mashroom management.

Mashroom will officially launch in March 2019. Mashroom is a peer-to-peer lettings platform that uses technology and community to connect landlords and tenants while rewarding both.

Mashroom, Emoov and Tepilo are digital property platforms with a strong focus on community and will enjoy synergy between the businesses.

Customers will be able to access all platforms to experience a 360 property management service (Mashroom for letting and renting and Emoov and Tepilo for buying and selling.)


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