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What's the best time of year to sell my house?

April 25, 2024 by Irini Sala

Ahh, the age-old question about the best time of year to sell your home. The query itself is debated back and forth and studied and examined by great scholars of the property world such as the likes of Foxtrot Tonningtons, Sir Knighty Franklin, and that Kinleigh Folk fella.

Yet no one seems to be able to give a clear, definitive answer.

Ultimately, that's because any season is a good time to sell your house depending on who is in the market for it. Furthermore, the time of year alone does not shape the overall landscape of the property market— external elements, other than the outside temperature, need to be factored in to understand the favourability of the market.

Selling your house in Spring is ideal

Spring is said to be the best time to sell your home. This should come to no surprise as your property is likely to look its best during the spring months and buyers will be more motivated to go house hunting as they come out of hibernation. Why is spring considered the ideal time to sell?

– Gardens are in bloom

– There's plenty of good light

– Good weather motivates buyers to go house hunting

– The market is full of buyers looking to match their purchase with the end of the school year

Try to finalise your sale within the first months of summer

Sellers looking to sell during Summer are usually advised to put their house on the market during the early summer months.

By selling before the high summer sellers can 'kill two birds with one stone' by catching the last of the Spring rush, while getting the attention of families before their vacations.

The moment schools close, children are at home and need to be entertained, thus taking time away from any potential house hunting.

Furthermore, most people take the summer months to go on holiday, especially during the month of August during which the market usually suffers a seasonal freeze.

Autumn is another peak time to be selling

The Autumn is another peak time to be selling a home as the natural light at this time of year can romanticise a property and gardens are also full of a range of colours.

Potential buyers are looking to move in before Christmas, therefore, it would be advised to put the property on the market in early Autumn.

Once late November hits, the market drastically slows down.

Selling a house in winter: the controversy

Winter has always been deemed as the least ideal time to sell.

The chaos that goes along with both preparing a property for viewings and the Christmas season being in full swing, is likely to put buyers and sellers off.

However, all of this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Remember that for every "December is the worst time of the year to sell your home" stat, there is a "Rightmove enjoys record traffic on Boxing Day" counter-argument.

How can I possibly sell my house in winter you ask?

In a nutshell:

– In winter less people are likely to enter the market so there is less competition

– The magic of the season can actually help you showcase your house in an even better light

– Buyers' intent will be more serious as they are likely to need to buy more urgently

If you are looking to sell in winter and would like some more information, check out our ultimate guide on why you should sell your home in winter.

If, however, you are not convinced and would rather wait, rest assured that things begin to look up in January. Since people are in a 'back to business' mentality after the holidays, they are more prepared to find their perfect home to have it ready for the spring.

Remember, when selling your property larger factors are in place

What other factors should I consider before selling my home?

The housing market clearly goes through trends, peaks and dips, and moments where it's chic and, erm, unchic. However, drivers for housing patterns, other than people deciding to sell for their own reasons, are usually related to economic stability, interest rates and government policies. Oh, and possibly, maybe and Coronavirus.

Even such important factors like the economy don't grind the housing market to a complete halt, as the number of circumstances that come into play create a complex landscape—one that is driven by a little bit from column A, a little bit from column B, and a little bit from the Mystery Box.

Mystery box aside, the real driver for when people sell their homes is, well, the people living in said homes. You are the ones who come to a conclusion as to whether or not you should sell your property, taking personal factors into accounts such as upsizing, downsizing, divorce, birth, or that neighbour who thinks you're best friends because you lent them your lawnmower once. Seriously, Fred, we're not pals.

Ultimately, the right time to sell depends on the seller

Selling really is about the seller and when they're ready to put their property on the market—although we think that you should tots sell right this very second. Can't think of a reason why ?.

In all seriousness though, homeowners might look to things like seasonal trends as they are possibly searching for a reason to convince themselves. A confidence boost, if you will. However, the real discussions should come with those directly impacted by a potential sale.

Once you have spoken with those involved, get advice from your trusty property experts, who can do so much more than offer seasonal shenanigans. Speaking with an expert will help you understand the and genuine property trends relevant to your area.